Architecture that lasts over time, with future generations in mind.                   We analyze existing conditions, highlight qualities and design with the aim to exceed expectations in every project. Our focus lays on developing ecological architecture with healthy materials, to take responsibility and make sure our work contributes to a sustainable society.

We look at architecture from a holistic perspective where design, performance and health is equally important. As we spend 90% of our time indoors, knowledge about the materials that goes in to the building is crucial to design a building that not only looks good but also does good for the occupants.

The studio was founded in 2020 by Linnéa Westberg. With a Master's Degree in architecture from KTH in Stockholm and CEU in Valencia she has a great interest in healthy materials and long-term sustainability. In 2023 Linnéa studied the       4-course program Healthier Materials and Sustainable Building at Parsons NYC.